Our Services


Our main product, CENTRAL , is a cloud based platform which solves daily retail challenges on an operation and productivity level. Our software is designed for SMEs and provides a centralized access point for employee interactions as well as intelligent reporting and analytics.


Combine the quality of Apple hardware with our mobile software solution and you get a mobile warehouse management system (handling counts, transfers, location saving…), as well as a mobile baby/wedding registry.


This module takes care of delivery scheduling. It’s customizable and the client himself can manage his preferred delivery time through a dynamic real-time calendar. Employee receives report at the end of the day to prepare shipments.


Returning a product under warranty has never been easier. The customer can simply input his transaction number and order online a replacement part. This module takes care of knowing of the product is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and sends a report to a store employee to prepare shipment.


If you know any retail company who doesn’t need to generate and print barcodes, then you don’t need this module. Barcodes & labels connects to your database to generate editable barcodes as well as promotion labels for the employee to print.


Even if it’s not us who created the online store for you, we can still help you by linking your website to our user friendly CMS in order for you to manage your products and promotions efficiently.


Advanced analytics is what this module is all about. From clean dashboards to dynamic trends, this module can help managers make smarter decisions.


If you are using TVs for in-store marketing, this module takes you to the next level with effects and transitions as well as programmed online ads. Whatever your digital signage needs are, our cloud based solution can answer them.


This module makes you PO management a breeze. It connects to any database and provides you with a customizable document to be sent to the seller.


If you need to order ink or any kind of office supplies, this module can help you select what you want and sends automatic requests to predefined suppliers.


If you want to centralize your IT work, this module allows employees to create IT tickets and assign priorities. Filters can be applied and reports generated. For critical tickets, an automated message is sent to the IT guy for quicker intervention.

Intelligent customizable dashboards along with flexible reporting provide managers with the tools to make clearer decisions, based on their preferred KPIs. Real-time results with access from any device

Employees get real-time notifications on their daily tasks (new shipment to be processed, 3 new work orders to be completed…) Employee work become easier and non redundant and their productivity is increased through a chat and a tasks management system .

Through our IT ticketing module, employees can create support requests and communicate directly with the tech guys. Techs can keep track of tickets in a centralized location with filters and end of month reporting. For critical requests, an automated call with an automated descriptive message is made to the IT guy for quicker intervention.